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Alice Cooper says other stars are "going to be envious" of his latest honor.  The iconic shock rocker is the latest addition to the White Castle Cravers Hall of Fame. 

He was recognized with an event at the fast food chain's headquarters on Monday.  But Alice is a little vague in describing just how this event stacks up to his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, simply saying "there's no comparison." 

Cooper's Cravers induction ceremony included a tour of the facility and the presentation of a plaque commemorating the occasion, while he even sang with a band that performed a tribute to him. 

And Cooper did earn the nod.  He's never been shy about publicly mentioning his love of the restaurant's famed "sliders."  Back in April Alice even served White Castle hamburgers at his New York premiere party for his documentary Super Duper Alice Cooper.

Photo: Getty Images